There’s more to marketing than just words and graphics, and we’re here to expand your horizons on it. Just Sharp Marketing is a team of dedicated developers, graphic designers and marketing specialists who all share a common vision that embraces the world of marketing with aesthetic design and impressionable style. We believe that imbuing art onto your message will not only help it stand out among an ocean of competition, but also make it unmissable by even the most conscious of consumers. With us on your side, your brand will develop a magnetizing personality and be the first thought leader in its industry with style.

Hospitality goes a long way, which is why we’re focused on creating a comfortable space where your visitors can browse your wares at leisure, all while being dazzled by a charming, chic style.

One of our fortes alongside graphic and web design, SEO will spearhead our marketing campaign for your brand. We’re capable of delivering ranking results for your specific keywords within a month.

Our marketing experts have studied the art of ‘going viral’ for years. With us on your side you’ll be able to convey your message via tweet, post or update in the most impactful way possible, and build an identity and personality that will be followed by an ever-growing audience.

We can craft a variety of striking logos and graphics associated with your brand that are guaranteed to stick out in a crowd. Got an idea for a logo? Work with us and we’ll help bring it to life!

Video content can leave a much more conscientious message than an ad or text content ever will. We can create quality captivating content for your brand that will help bring its voice out and convey its message in the most memorable of ways.

A well-developed digital marketing strategy has become a must-have for multi-location businesses. Multi-location businesses need a digital marketing strategy that will cater to every one of their storefronts – not just one.


Creating your brand’s identity in just four steps


The most fundamental part of our work process consists of getting together with the representatives of the brand we’re working on and discussing ideas and methods of initiative together.

This part is distinguished by both parties meeting halfway – you convey your ideas onto us, and we use our expertise and talent to bring them to life.


Tell us what your brand is about, what it stands for, what it wants to become and what it wants to achieve. Our design experts can turn anything into a visual concept.

We’ll be able to put your story into art which will be used to define your brand’s style. Our designers will create an art concept that will characterize the style and approach of your brand.


Launching your marketing campaign will be a process working on two fronts: The creative side, and the quantifiable side. The creative side will naturally be the artistic work of our designers who have built an outwardly expression for your brand.

The quantifiable, ‘left brain’ side of the process will consist of the marketing specialists on our team, who will help refine your SEO strategy, set a course for your brand to bolster a following on social media, and make it compatible for the mobile platform.


Happy clients for you mean happy clients for us. Our mission as a marketing company is to not only help you gain new clientele and increase sales – we want to help build your brand become a magnetizing, thought-leader figure in its industry.

Our creative process works to popularize your brand by giving it a voice, personality and identity which will make it easily distinguishable among its competition. We want you to not only get more exposure, but also help you attain conversions from conscious, quality consumers who will stay loyal to you.

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